12 Month


12 Month

In January you were born
Shivering,dumb and blind
One hearth-beat and a kiss meant hope
Caring hands presented life

In February it was when
You first tried to walk
A simple step for you-may be
And you learned how to talk

Then in March a time began
When the world should know
You were a person with own thoughts
And not a pet to grow

April was a dangerous month
You did walk away
Telling all society
It was only hell

May became your time of love
A shining paradise
Filled with joy and lots of lust
Each new golden day

June the month of deep new thoughts
Family and fun
You thought your life had just at all
Finally begun

July filled with tears and sorrow
When your parents died
And you first did start to think
About the sense of life

August when your children left
Month of prayer-little rest
Then a new child`s January
Fleeing time and need to Be

Now September-suddenly
Caring children, you could see
Helping hands
How could that be?

In October-Indian Summer
Last new love and then a shock
What was when and when was what
Took it place or did it not…

In November all the leaves
Of your beautifully tree
Fallen down one stormy night
And you saw a door so bright

Neat black casket in December
Snow and ice, a cold grey day
Bells of churches, tears and whisper
Closed the circle of your life.

©denise-a. langner-urso