Ballade Of The Guardian Angel


Ballade Of The Guardian Angel

In my latest dream
I sat on the bench in a little park
And it was right around midnight.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw
An angel crossing the green-
She was just a child
With nice blond hair
Golden burning wings lightening the air
Barefoot she was- this beautiful child
Still I could not believe my eyes.
A nice dress she wore all out of satin
Twinkling stars decorating it only
Then she sat down- next to me
Put both little hands down on my knee.

Now I could not believe my ears
She started to talk in a soft warm voice
Beautiful as a nightingale’s song
First I thought she must have been wrong.
But no one was there except us both
“You are a mother of five as I know,
I am your children’s guardian angel.
I heard their prayers each night from new-
The prayers were meant even for you.
Prayers for peace- against hunger and thirst.
You did a good job in teaching them love
Now I will take their prayers above.
Each star you see on my white satin gown
Is a wish of a child, I will take them home-
Just kiss my head- five kisses I need-
They will be send as a message from me.
I will send them to sleeping bad souls
To presidents and leaders of countries like yours.
They will awake and will start to think
Maybe it helps to change some bad things…”

I kissed the angel right on her nose
Five times I did it and there arose
From each kiss a star as bright as the sun.
The guardian angel took all of them
And formed a ribbon for his hair
A beautiful crown for the nice blond child
Then she flew high up into the air-
But she came back-
Said” Oh I forgot- I need another kiss still,
This time please, directly onto my cheek-“
I did it, for it was an angel’s will…
“ Thank you,” she whispered-
“ You dearest Mom, this kiss is the first for your little son-
He will be born right at Christmas next year-
He loves you already,” and then fell a tear
From the eye of the angel and she said:
“ This is a tear from a guardian angel-
 I will protect each of your kids-
My mother killed me,
I could never live.
Keep me in mind –I will always be there…”

When I awoke from my sweet nice dream
My pillow was wet from a little drop
Was it the truth, have I ever been
Out on a bench in a midnight’s dream?
I do believe in what I have seen!
At Christmas Night the following year
The angel came- took away all my fear
Left back in my arms a sweet little boy
So far it’s true,
Believe it or not-  
Is all I can say.


denise-a. langner-urso