Colours of life




The white shine



Of white lights



On white tables



With white shrouds



In white rooms



Before white walls






Behind grey walls



Out of grey concrete



From grey house



Before the grey clouds



Of a grey sky



Over my grey city



Full of



Black men



Wearing black coats



And black baggage



Filled with black money



Sitting in black cars



In every black night



Fast out of here



On brown routes



Through brown fields



Grown out of brown earth



Brown fruits



Then brown cows



And brown people



To the



Blue waves



Of the blue sea



And the blue sails



At the blue distance



Of a blue horizon



With blue clouds






Green grass



Of green meadows



In green valleys



With green forests



At green slopes



Of green mountains






The colourful wings



Of some colourful butterflies



Upon colourful flowers



In colourful gardens



As colourful spots



In my dream.





©denise-a. langner-urso