Spring (Villanelle)

Spring is the fireworks of the year!
The birds are returning from South,
Finally summer is near!

The air is never this clear,
From hibernation awakens each mouse-
Spring is the firework of the year!

Fawns are born by every deer,
The hamster cleans his house-
Finally summer is near!

Children are calling for their peer,
Sheep are again at the pasture to browse-
Spring is the fireworks of the year!

Flowers are springs most precious wear,
Girls iron out their finest blouse-
Finally summer is near!

A long drought is the biggest fear.
Nests do even build the crows-
Spring is the fireworks of the year,
Finally summer is near!

©denise-a. langner-urso





White diamonds out of pillow-clouds
falling softly to the ground
tickling a rabbits nose
each tree dresses like a ghost

Frozen lakes in golden sunlight
mirroring the landscapes sleep
burying deep frozen secrets
new seeds sleeping in the deep

Mountains proud as birds of prey
wearing white caps on the head
watching from above the scene
each seed dreams a summers dream

Churches, homes of warmth and prayer
singing bells around the globe
laughing eyes of red-nosed children
each a present,-shining hope-


©denise-a. langner-urso