War and Peace




War and Peace



Wherefore begone the wars?
Hath a not enow person died?
Fare-the-well to war we shall say,
Ne`r lead it though it is far away.

Thee verily oft e`en and morrow
It brings nothing but tears and sorrow.
Prithee answer thyself a question
Would you like to see thine son within such action?

Tarry a while
Hold on and then answer
List to the voices against it till nu
Say nay as you doth when they try to hurt you.

Cry unto war ends
All mothers beseech it.
Perchance many voices will lastly be heard
And in peace’s shine grammarcy will be thine.


©denise-a. langner-urso




Peace Talks


When they had led their war over thirty years

And they had fought each other every day

They both had forgotten the reason why

Like fighting children after a while


They fought each other they found no reason

To talk without revealing they longed for peace

A little fight here and a little fight there

Ruins at both sides and no one did care


They met last summer to talk about peace

And both of them were very pensive

To find a way to end the war

That none of them wanted to lead anymore


They met under best safety precautions

And drank one beer or two or more

At the evening they sat still in the room

Opposite to each other- not able to talk

And when they left there the following morning

No one knew why they had met anymore…


©denise-a. langner-urso